2B1 ASK1

Interested? Why?

Very important questions to ask yourself as you reflect on your interest in becoming a member of the largest charitable, non-political, and fraternal organization worldwide. Prince Hall Freemasonry is NOT about wearing emblems, posting on vehicles, and saying you’re a Mason, it’s about making good men better through knowledge of self, history, and being an asset to their community. Through this, a man will be a better husband, father, friend, leader, and citizen. These characteristics allow men to the held at high regard and sought after for their Wisdom, Strength, and Trust.

For the reasons mentioned above, Freemasonry is not an organization that recruits. It is sought out by expressing a genuine interest to a known Mason who will start the process. As part of this process, applicant must be 18 years of age or older acting on his own free will and accord, an application is submitted, the applicant MUST be recommended by two Masons (in the Lodge application is submitted), petition waiting period is administered, a federal background check is done, a unanimous favorable ballot must be achieved through voting by secret ballot.

With that in mind, being sought after rather than recruiting has greater potential of producing a better quality Mason who will actively participate in the works, meetings, and take pride in this prestigious life-long endowment.

If you are a man who’s Interest and Why are aligned with the description above, reach out to a Mason to begin the process. If you are unaware of any Masons nearby, you can also take the first step by completing the form below. Good luck!